pamper night in ideas


Do you ever find yourself opting more for cosy nights in rather than a night down the pub or dancing until the small hours? Maybe it’s a result of lockdown or the amount of good TV and films we can access on demand, either way staying in is the new going out and as passionate advocates for selfcare we are all about the pamper night in! We love to indulge in quality pampering time at home before donning our comfies and getting lost in a bingeworthy boxset. In this article, we’re sharing our tried and tested pamper night in ideas for you to enjoy on your own or with your friends.

Why we love a pamper night in

The word pamper is one of our absolute favourites, it is defined by the Cambridge Dictionary as:

“to give someone special treatment, making that person as comfortable as possible and giving them whatever they want”

Imagine a cosy night in at home dedicated to relaxation and pampering! How could you resist? We can't! A pamper night in is the perfect way to enjoy some essential “me time” and they are also a wonderful way to spend some quality time with a few friends and make them feel special too. It’s the perfect way to:

  • Take some time out from your hectic schedule or everyday routine
  • Treat your skin, hair, or nails to a luxurious treatment or two
  • Embrace your natural beauty - no makeup or new outfit needed!
  • Have a quality “check in” with yourself, loved ones or friends.

7 tips for a perfect pamper night in

Level up your average night in with a spot of pampering, we know you deserve it, and you’ll feel refreshed inside and out afterwards. Whether you’re planning a pamper night in just for you or inviting a few friends, we’ve compiled a list of our top pamper night in ideas for you to choose from and create your perfect pamper party at home.

  1. Create a VIP guestlist: A pamper night is just as good alone as it is with a few friends. If you are inviting guests, be realistic in terms of how many you can comfortably host in your home. Remember you are creating a luxury pamper session so cramming five people onto a three seater couch is a bit too cosy when you’re all there to relax and feel special! A pamper party for two to six people is just right, and if you have an even number of guests they can pair up for treatments.
  2. Scent the mood: What kind of mood would you like to create? The fragrances you choose can have a powerful impact on the vibe of your pamper night in. For example, if the theme of your evening is rejuvenation why not choose uplifting citrus or spicy exotic scents. Organic soy wax candles are a wonderful way to fragrance your home, always light it about thirty minutes before your guests arrive so they are greeted with an irresistible scent on arrival.
  3. Plan your pampering: Our favourite way to begin a pamper night in is with a long soak in a bath infused with a gorgeous bath bomb. However, if your having guests over you may need to skip this step unless you have a jacuzzi or hot tub. In terms of treatments, a good mask is a must – you could offer a face mask, hair mask, or eye mask – you may already have one on your beauty shelf that you can’t wait to share or you can all try a new product together.

Tip! Get organised and ensure you have plenty of towels and face cloths for your guests, you can even warm these beforehand for an added touch of luxury. Designate a treatment station or table in your home as this will minimise mess and feel more professional, you may need a space to apply products and one to relax, also don’t forget to monitor treatment timings. For example, if you’re going to enjoy a glass of fizz whilst your mask works its magic don’t forget to pour it beforehand!

  1. Stock up on snacks: A selection of healthy and treat style snacks is a great addition to any night in including when you’re pampering yourself. Opt finger food such as nuts, houmous and crudites, popcorn, chocolate dipped strawberries, crisps and dips etc. and set everything out in bowls for a sophisticated look.
  2. Open a free bar: Whether you choose to keep your evening alcohol free or not, having a selection of refreshing drinks on offer is essential. Ensure that you and your guests are sufficiently hydrated and prepare a jug of iced water garnished with your favourite fruit and herbs. For a hangover free event why not experiment with a mocktail recipe and serve them in your best glassware for that special touch. If you’re serving wine, ensure that it’s chilled to perfection so that first sip is super refreshing!
  3. Get comfy: Make up off, hair up, sweats on! The joy of a pamper night in is that you get to relax in your comfiest clothes and be make up free, there’s zero reason to dress up so enjoy the freedom not to. Invite your guests to arrive in their PJs or favourite loungewear – fluffy white robes are optional but highly recommended. Bonus! If you snooze during idea #7 below you’ll be dressed for the occasion.
  4. Be entertainment ready: It’s often difficult (and time consuming) to answer, “what should we watch?” on the spot! Even if you’re the only one watching always plan your entertainment in advance so you can spend more time relaxing and less time scrolling. Remember to match the mood; you usually can’t go wrong with a rom-com or something nostalgic to build on the warm fuzzy feeling of content. For the multi-taskers amongst you why not present a selection of nail polishes for a self-manicure whilst you watch, #netflixandnails anyone?

If you fancy an extra indulgent pampering experience read our How To Create The Ultimate At Home Spa Experience guide and learn how to transform your bathroom into a luxury spa for one.

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